Next Steps

In the best case scenario, this diagnostic exercise focused your understanding of just how well your journal’s current model is working for you, your readers, and your scholarly community. That same instrument was then applied to other publishing partnership models to help you determine a potentially better fit. But now what? Armed with this information, where do you go from here?

Short of this optimal outcome, perhaps you completed this exercise without identifying the obvious long-term fit for your journal. At the very least, however, this resource has hopefully helped you understand the right questions to be asked, the right data to be gathered, and the right discussions to be undertaken. Again, though, where do you go from here?

SPARC is well-positioned to help you interpret the information you have gleaned through this process. Our team has helped guide numerous journal editors understand their options, all free of charge. We can put you in touch with editors who have undertaken similar journeys. We can help you translate what may be a vague notion of getting from your current, suboptimal model to a concrete transition plan.